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Maintenance & 24 Hour Call Out

Our Maintenance Packages

We offer a service and maintenance programme to all types of fire systems. These can include the following;

  • Six Monthly Fire Alarm Servicing
  • Six Monthly or Annual Emergency Light Servicing
  • Six Monthly or Annual Smoke Detector Servicing
  • Annual Fire Extinguisher Servicing
  • Weekly Bell Testing

All servicing takes place and is completed following the relevant British Standards (BS5266-2011 & BS5839-2013), our Engineers take time to complete a full survey and issue a detailed quotation with any works that are required to maintain these standards.

All testing is recorded and any problems logged in onsite log books. We can supply log books if required for Fire Alarms, Emergency Lights and Landlord Safety

All appointments for services are pre booked at a convenient time for client and occupants and are confirmed by email to the client.

If required we can make a separate appointment to pick up any keys required for access to buildings.

Each service programme runs for one year, we required a signed contract for this to be completed. This also entitles you to our special 24 hour call rates.

24 Hour Call Out

We offer Emergency Callout to any property as well as a 24 hour Service to all our contracted properties.

A callout may consist of us needing to attend site to fix a problem or we may be able to give instructions an assigned responsible person over the phone. This will depend on the seriousness of the situation.

All properties eligible for the 24hr Emergency Response will have an emergency callout number issued with their contract. Details will also be issued at the site.

Contact us to discuss prices and response times for your property.

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