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Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency light systems are designed to ensure that in an emergency situation where the power has been cut to the normal lighting, lighting is adequate to allow for safe evacuation of the property.

Our engineers will identify the size of emergency lighting system needed at your property and offer you two options for the type of system;

  • LED bulkhead system, which even though is less to install will incur more maintenance costs going forward, i.e bulb changes and only 1 years guarantee.
  • LED energy saving light system which encompasses and motion and light sensor on each individual light. These lights are more expensive to buy at first but as they sense individually but only activate when there is not enough light or sense movement therefore are not on all the time saving you lot on your energy bills in the future. They also come with a 4 year parts guarantee.
We understand that cost is very important in todays climate therefore offering these two options allows you to make an informed decision.

Following the installation we will provide you with a comprehensive maintenance package in line with the British standard as well as a handover pack including instructions, certificates and device lists.

We can also supply and install additional items such as spare bulbs, conversions from traditional to LED energy saving lighting, log books, document bags and document boxes.

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