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Door Alarm Systems

Working with our clients in the care industry we identified a need for secure but not invasive door security systems.

The systems that we install provide wireless security, able to alert the designated responsible person to the opening of a door that is alarmed and that should not be opened.

As this is a wireless system there is no need for trunking or wires to be run anywhere in the building. The door contacts are small, installed above eye level and blend into the surroundings. The control system can be situated anywhere in the building and the pagers carried by the responsible person are very discrete.

There are no limits to this system and can be installed in any size building, big or small. It can also be used on both internal and external doors.

This system is ideal when trying to provide greater security and safety in a homely and comfortable environment.

We work directly with the manufacturers ensuring the system is bespoke to the individual site as well as being able to secure the most competitive prices.

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